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Digital Marketing Must-Reads: April 2024

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

An Introduction to Google Tag Manager

The more data we can gather when it comes to our sites, the better. Using Google Analytics is a great place to start, but using it alongside Google Tag Manager is even better! Angela Petteys goes over the basics of Google Tag Manager, the benefits of using it, and more in her latest article.

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Email Segmentation: Why it Matters and Effective Tactics

Have you been sending emails to clients and want to further improve your efforts? If you aren’t already segmenting your audience, this is a next great step. Segmenting your audience allows you to tailor the message to the different audiences, which in turn can lead to higher conversion rates. Neil Patel goes over his tips and tricks for email segmentation in an article from earlier this month.

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What Is an Internal Link? The #1 Strategy You’re Overlooking

Internal links are vital for SEO, user experience, and more. Brody Hall goes over the importance of internal linking in his latest article. Hall goes over everything from SEO importance, user experience, types of internal links, and more in this easy to understand article.

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