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    We take an ROI-driven approach to Social Media and help you understand how you can use it to engage new customers and develop new business relationships.

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Despite Protests to the Contrary, Social Media can have

Measurable ROI

As with any of your marketing activities, a successful Social strategy starts with identifying your objectives and putting a measurable framework in place.

Why PlusROI?

We’ve been marketing and advertising through Social Media since social media started. We were doing “social” campaigns even before that using old school tools like forums, blogs and email marketing. We focus on strategy ahead of channels to get you the results you need.



All social activities should start with a clear strategic goal and we’ll make it so.



We’ll put tracking in place and leverage analytics so you know Social’s impact on your site and goals.



We love Social Media but never embrace it for its own sake. We identify practical ways to get you to your goals.

Sporting Retailer & Tour Company

B.H., Victoria BC

Despite being told for years that traditional tracking doesn’t apply to Social Media, PlusROI was able to show us how to effectively measure and improve our activities for local & national exposure.

Social Media

Confused by the vast array of networking sites and communications tools? Let us help clear the haze and help you leverage tools like Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for your business.

We are not a “Social Media company” but have consulted with organizations of all sizes to integrate Social Media as part of an overall strategy.

Services include:

  • Reviewing your business with you to figure out which social media tools your customers and prospects are using.
  • Mapping out creative ideas for you to leverage these tools to begin profitable conversations with your customers.
  • Determining how you should track your results and gauge your effectiveness in Social Media.
  • Ongoing consulting on driving results and engagement.
  • Content development for Social Media.
  • Development of an SEO strategy to maximize the value of your Social Media.