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Our ongoing improvement process helps you drive sustainable growth

PlusROI Online Marketing

Serving clients from the US, Canada, UK, Germany & Australia from here on Vancouver Island.

We’re a rapidly growing team with dramatically different skillsets but one thing in common: we all take personal pride in our work and feel a deep sense of responsibility to our clients.

From professional experience with companies like Honda, Disney and Sage to national award-winning entrepreneurial efforts, we’ve got the collective background to successfully execute on any sized project.

Google Premier Partner Agency

We’re one of the top performing and fastest growing agencies in the country (according to Google).

PlusROI is a Premier Google Adwords Partner Agency. This means our ads team has undertaken official Google training and that our agency meets the strict Google Premier Partner criteria. Both us and Google want the best for our clients!

Advantages of working with a Premier Google Partner Agency:

  • Access to Google-trusted and certified professionals
  • Proven to deliver high-performing and powerful results
  • A VIP connection to Google
  • Your own indispensable network of online marketing professionals

Are you looking for the right company to help with your advertising?

As experts in the most effective advertising platforms on the web, we can pick the right venues and the right strategies to get you the best results possible. We’ve been advertising on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing and other online platforms for 10+ years and have sent over 40 million visitors to client websites in that time!

Our average advertising engagement lasts over 3 years and we still serve over 60% of the advertising clients we’ve ever worked with in our 13 year history. The reason for this is simple: we find creative ways to help you profit through advertising.

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Want to uncover what’s holding you back from reaching your potential on the web?

If you’ve been online for a while, you’ve likely received an audit offer or had a provider present their “SEO Audit” as a way to sell you something.

Our audits are not like that.

First off, we charge between $500 and $3500 for our audits. Pricing depends on how big your presence is on the web and how much potential you have for improvement. In these audits, we dig through your site, look at your online properties, examine your strategy and familiarize ourselves with your competition.

The result is a detailed report that gives you a prioritized list of your top areas of opportunity and instructions for how to address them.


  • Website performance
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Social properties
  • Conversion strategies

  • Analytics & goal tracking
  • Conversion strategy
  • Content & keyword strategy
  • Web security
  • Your competitive landscape

The prioritized Action list you’ll receive is invaluable for focusing your precious resources on your top opportunities.

We’ve performed dozens of these reviews and, so far, every client has been appreciative and excited about the value of the opportunities we’ve found for them. 

Web Design & Development

We love to translate ideas into fully functional, fast loading, high converting websites.

With 10+ years of WordPress website experience, our professional developers and designers can help with projects ranging from simple but effective personal sites, right through to highly complex custom ecommerce projects.

  • Expert strategic consultation with every site
  • We’ll ensure your site follows current technical SEO practices
  • A mobile-centric approach to web development

A Numbers-Driven Approach to Online Marketing: Measurable Monthly Improvement

Historically, marketing and advertising was considered a creative endeavour.

While creativity is a critical element, we consider digital marketing and advertising more of a science than an art.

While you need to do a great job presenting your brand and your offer, we focus on the measurable areas of marketing to boost engagement, conversion and profits. What’s more, we provide transparent reporting that forms the foundation of driving measurable monthly improvement (which is what we’re all about).

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