Tips on Effective Email Marketing for Hotels & Hospitality | Part Two
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Tips on Effective Email Marketing for Hotels & Hospitality | Part Two

Welcome to part two of our two-part hospitality email marketing series! This month, we’re covering seven more practical tips on effective email marketing for hotels, excursion operators, and other hospitality-based businesses. After implementing the foundational email marketing tips we covered in part one, you are ready to start crafting effective email marketing content by applying these seven remaining tips.

Tip #4 | Start With a Welcome Email

Once your email lists are up and ready to use, the journey starts with a well-timed welcome email. Your welcome email is your first chance to make a good impression, so ensure it’s warm and inviting.

Hotels and resorts: Your welcome email is the perfect time to share essential information about your properties and what guests can look forward to during their stay. This might include amenities, local attractions, or special events. A personalized welcome email sets the tone for a memorable guest experience.

Excursion operators: The welcome email is also an excellent opportunity for excursion operators to ramp up guests’ anticipation of what’s to come, remind them of what to bring with them, and familiarize them with safety protocols. If you offer wildlife tours and encounters, you can use your welcome email to share some exciting facts about the local flora and fauna your guests might encounter during their time with you.

Tip #5 | Experiment with Engaging Content

Your emails should captivate and engage recipients and ultimately lead them to your website (and booking engine), where they can consume more. Utilize the “3 C’s” by keeping your email content and subject lines clear, catchy and concise! Always include highly visible call-to-action buttons in your email content where your readers can book now or learn more.

Hotels and resorts: Include high-quality images of your rooms and resort grounds, guest testimonials, and compelling copy that reflects your brand’s voice.

When it comes to email marketing for hotels, videos can also be highly effective, such as virtual tours of your property or clips showcasing customer testimonials and experiences. Also, remember to utilize your email platform’s share and social media features to ensure your content is easily shareable and that readers can visit your website and social media profiles to stay in touch with you.

Excursion operators:

  • Include customer reviews, short video clips, and compilations showcasing your tours.
  • Highlight upcoming seasonal tours and new offerings.
  • Consider creating “informational” content that showcases your tour guides’ approachability and insight into local culture and wildlife.

For more tips on writing content that converts, refer to this outline on how to write compelling email marketing copy by HubSpot.

Tip #6 | Boost Bookings With Promotions and Exclusive Offers

This is one of the best tips on effective email marketing for hotels to boost bookings. Email marketing is an excellent way to promote exclusive offers, last-minute deals, and special packages. Highlight the benefits of booking directly through your website, such as complimentary upgrades, late checkouts, or discounted rates. Exclusive email offers can drive conversions and increase direct bookings.

Hotels and resorts: (Once you’ve segmented your email list), send last-minute booking specials to past and potential guests who live within a short, direct flight of your hotel. Send summer break promotions to guests with school-aged children and market shoulder and off-season specials to empty nesters and couples.

Excursion operators: (Once you’ve segmented your email list), you can tailor the promotions you send to your audience based on their expressed interests. If you have a local market for some tours, consider offering your local audience last-minute and mid-week specials when things are slow.

Tip #7 | Garner Feedback and Reviews

After a guest’s stay or excursion, consider sending them a follow-up email to thank them and request feedback. This not only shows that you value their opinion but also helps you gather insights to improve your service. Additionally, positive reviews can be powerful, so encourage satisfied guests to share their experiences on travel review sites, your Google Business Profile or social media.

Tip # 8 | Keep It Cohesive

Another critical email marketing tip is to remember that all of your marketing tactics should work together and cohesively reflect your brand and current offerings. The imagery, language and tone you use when interacting with your email marketing audience should reflect the same style reflected in your social media posts and on your website. Remember, consistency builds consumer confidence!

Tip # 9 | Optimize for Mobile

Ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices. A significant number of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets, and emails that aren’t mobile-friendly are likely to be deleted quickly. Use responsive email design to ensure that your content looks great on all screen sizes, improving the overall user experience and engagement. Check out this article from HubSpot on how to optimize your emails for mobile in five steps!

Tip #10 | Measure and Reoptimize

Regularly track the performance of your email campaigns. Analyze open rates, click-through rates, and booking conversions to understand what resonates with your audience. Experiment with A/B testing on subject lines, email layouts, and call-to-action buttons to continually refine your approach, and visit Campaign Monitor’s article for examples of what metrics that show engagement.

An Important Update for All Email Marketers

While including an unsubscribe option in your marketing emails has been standard practice for several years, as of February 2024, Google and Yahoo announced new privacy protection requirements, which we outline in our earlier article: Hospitality Email Marketing Tips to Start Implementing Now | Part One.

By implementing these email marketing strategies, hospitality businesses can create more effective communications that boost engagement, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive revenue.

Do You Have Questions?

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