Mobile Marketing With QR Codes – I

Interested in Mobile Marketing with QR codes? Let’s start with a few of the basics…

A QR code (as pictured) is a “scannable” graphic that links smartphone users to a web page.

The process is quite simple. A smartphone user opens their QR app, scans the code, and are immediately taken to the web page that the QR code links to.

As such, QR codes are a great thing to have in situations where you have a printed piece but want to offer people additional information. Good examples include posters, brochures, flyers, traditional print ads and point of sale materials.

The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to create a QR code. My favorite tool is (or which shortens urls, tracks clicks and automatically creates QR codes. To access a link’s QR code in Bitly, you just need to click on “Info Page +” next to the appropriate link.

– Rob Cooper is the founder of PlusROI Online Marketing and JumpStartWeb in Victoria, BC. When he’s not mountain biking or driving his kids around he spends time thinking about the future of mobile marketing.

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