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Digital Marketing Must-Reads: January 2024

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

Want to set your 2024 SEO priorities? Run these GA4 reports.

We know just how confusing GA4 can be. That’s why we think articles like this one by Adam Tanguay are so helpful: they help you get the information you need to know without having to put in the leg work to find out how.

Not only does Tanguay show you how to set up these reports, he also explains what the reports show you and how you can use those insights. Make sure to check out this article if you want some more insights for your 2024 priorites.

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What Is Taxonomy SEO? Site Structure SEO Best Practices

Taxonomy SEO is important to the user experience, content discoverability, search rankings, and more! Aaron Haynes explains what exactly taxonomy SEO is, how to implement it on your site, and what best practices are in this informative article!

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Email Marketing Tips & Examples

Clodagh O’Brien goes over tips and tricks you can use to improve your email marketing (including how to use AI to your benefit!) in this helpful new article.

Read more to learn how you can improve your email marketing with both small and large changes!

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