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With texting and instant messaging seemingly taking over written communications, you may be surprised to learn that done effectively, responsible email marketing can be your top revenue channel.

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When Rob launched our email marketing efforts, we jokingly called him the 6 million dollar man, not thinking he actually would drive millions of dollars in revenue through this brand new channel.


Email Marketing Services

New to email marketing? Got a established newsletter but need to breath some life into your list?

We’d love to:

  • Work with you to figure out how email marketing will work best for your business.
  • Develop a custom email marketing plan.
  • Set up your company with an appropriate, cost effective email services provider (providers range from “almost free” to moderately priced, depending on your mail volume).
  • Create a customer signup form that can be easily implemented on your site.
  • Develop a custom html email body for you based on one of our proven templates.
  • Help you write an effective first email newsletter (promotional or editorial).
  • Give you documentation on email best practices and show you how to deploy emails.
  • Provide a customized reporting spreadsheet for you to use to track and measure your results over time.

Also, if you don’t have the in-house resources to manage ongoing email deployment we can help. Our ongoing service package is designed for small businesses who want to send out a monthly email newsletter.

Ongoing Services include:

  • Creation of an editorial and promotion calendar that suits your business.
  • Writing of a straightforward newsletters or sales letters by one of our professional email copywriters, based on agreed upon topics or promotions.
  • Assembly of HTML and text versions of your newsletter for deployment.
  • List maintenance and monthly updating of email subscriber list.
  • Consulting and creation on triggered “transactional” or auto-response emails.