Google Places Creates Opportunity

As a business owner do you find yourself excited by change or threatened by change? If it’s the latter, it’s time to reconsider, especially in regards to Google Places.

Google Places In Google Maps

Google Places was officially launched in 2010 and is quickly becoming a great way to get found online. In short, Google Places allows you to register your business location on Google Maps. Increasingly, folks are using Google Maps to explore and find businesses in their neighbourhood. Plus, many businesses have not claimed their listings and few who have claimed them have fully optimized them, creating great opportunities for proactive owners to “win” in their area.

Google Places in Regular Search Engine Results

While Google Places drives results, there’s a second and totally separate way that Places can perform for you. In recent months, Google has put a high emphasis on providing local results as part of its regular search results. As such, Google is now pulling Places results right into their regular search results. You can easily see examples of these results – they’re the ones with the red flags next to them.

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