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Digital Marketing Must-Reads: February 2024

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

Local search in 2024: Key trends and tactics for marketers

Benu Aggarwal looks at 5 different focus areas for location-based businesses in their latest article. Get tips and tricks on how to be discovered by the right customers, create engaging content that is relevant to your customers, build a connected experience with your customers, and more!

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What Are Search Results? Organic Search, Paid Ads + More

There is a lot to see after you hit “enter” in Google: organic results, paid search results, local listings, and more. It can definitely be confusing if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily Brody Hall has put together a guide on what’s what in search results to help you make sense of it all.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

For lots of industries, marketing can help you promote your brand, build credibility, grow your clientele, and more. Marketing for financial advisors can also help to establish themselves as trusted sources and thought leaders which is great in an industry that benefits from trust and transparency.

While this article is directed at financial advisors, if you think you are in an industry where you need to instill trust in clients, this article is for you too!

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