5 “local” search engines you need to know + other marketing links

Have your heard of these 5 “local” search engines?
Many “local” businesses tend to focus on getting listed on Google Maps and Google Places, simply because it’s relatively easy to get listed on these sites and doing so usually produces results. However, there are other local search engines you should know about in order to reach your customers: Twitter Search, Facebook Search, FourSquare Search, LinkedIn Company Search, and Pinterest. Read more here to get more details about each.

Why your email subscribers are your most loyal customers
According to one marketing writer,  of all the customers you have, people who subscribe to your email list are probably your best customer. Why is this? Generally speaking, email marketing is “permission-based”; your customers have indicated that they want you contact them with offers (along with highly valuable and relevant information). Email subscribers also tend to open and click on links, which is important when you’re trying to sell a product or a service. To learn more about why email subscribers make loyal customers, read more here. Bonus link:  7 clever email campaigns that get customers buying again

How to turn your business into a referral-generating machine
For local businesses, why can referrals seem so hard to generate? According to the Globe and Mail, there’s an art to generating referrals: you need to be systematic in your approach.

Google’s Mobile Playbook Aims To Educate, Simplify Mobile For “Busy Executives”
Something that should be of great interest to local business: earlier this week Google launched its “Mobile Playbook,” a simple but comprehensive guide that explains what  “mobile” is and why anyone hoping to sell anything to anybody needs to embrace the channel asap. Google’s document is full of data and case studies that illustrate why it’s so important to have a mobile strategy, website and/or app. Read more here.

Content strategist Nevin Thompson “curates” a weekly collection of online marketing links for JumpStart Web, a Victoria online marketing agency specializing in local search marketing.

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