Why You’re Doing Twitter All Wrong + more online marketing links

Why Your Business Is Doing Twitter Wrong

By making three relatively simple implementation tweaks you can create more engaging tweets, improve tracking, provide better exposure for your Twitter username and increase the number of your followers (and potentially your customers).

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The 5 Most Common Adwords Mistakes
Google AdWords is a perfect place for you to get traffic. You only pay for the clicks you really get. It sounds amazing – and it can be amazing. But it can also be a lot of wasted money if you don’t do it right. Read more here.

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Identify And Fix Your Worst Landing Pages (And Retain More Customers)
What are the expectations of the user when they come from a referring site or search term? Can you give them what they expect when they hit your site? If not, they’re probably going to bounce – qualified customers may never buy your product or service. Read more here. Bonus link: Website Optimization Basics

How Much Does Google Pay Attention To Social Media Marketing?
How much does Google really pay attention to social media links and activity when determing where your business shows up in Search?  Read more here.

Bonus link: The Impact of Authoritative Links, Mentions, and Shares on Rankings

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is No Buzzword
What is content marketing? Is it just another fad that will be replaced by a new fad next week? And how can it help your business achieve better marketing results with less effort? Read more here. 

Bonus link: Content Marketing Manifesto

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