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Top 10 social media campaigns of 2011
Everyone says your business needs to adopt social media marketing in order to succeed, but sometimes it’s difficult to gauge success. For some pointers, here are the top 10 social media campaigns of 2011.

Paid search pays
Why should your business use “paid search” (where web site owners pay an advertising fee, usually based on click-throughs or ad views to have their web site search results shown in top placement on search engine result pages)? The reason: according to a recent study, for every $1 of e-commerce revenue generated from paid search, businesses can expect to see approximately another $6 of in-store revenue.

A look at the new Twitter
Twitter, the popular social networking site, has revamped its site and functionality – there are too many changes to be described in less than 140 characters,  and, besides, what does it mean for your business? The Financial Times has compiled a useful list of links that explain what has changed, and what you should care about.

How does a search engine algorithm work?
Businesses all rely on search engines to deliver traffic – and, hopefully, paying customers –  but how do these algorithms actually work? The blog post search algorithm basics provides a fascinating insight into how things work, with some useful ideas on how to improve your business’ SEO.

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