How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Search Ads

Curious to know if your competitors are running Search Ads and, if so, what they are saying in their ads?

In 2023, Google launched their Ads Transparency Center at https://adstransparency.google.com

To see your competitors’ ads, just go to the Transparency Center and paste anyone’s website URL or business name into the All Topics search field and you’ll quickly see if they are running ads and, if so, which ads they are running.

Unfortunately, you can’t see what keywords they are bidding on but there are some great options to get more information about what they are using:

  • Auction Insights within your Google Ads account
  • The Ads Preview Tool within your Google Ads account
  • Competitor evaluation tools like Spyfu.com

Curious to know what your competitors are up to and how to beat them? Drop us a line through our Contact page and let us know you’d like a competitor evaluation!

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