3 common landing page flops + more online marketing links

3 Common Landing Page Flops To Avoid
Are your landing pages doing what they are supposed to do? If you’re a business selling a product or service, you need to make sure every page of your website is ultimately prompting your visitors to perform a desired action. This will increase leads, and, ultimately, sales. However many, many businesses make many, many mistakes with their landing pages. Learn more here.

Google: Fantastic Web Sites Not Enough To Rank Well
According to a Google employee, having a fantastic web site is great but it isn’t enough for Google to confirm that your content should rank well. What will help you rank better in Search? Learn more here.

SEO Tips for Local Businesses
Want some advice about how to adjust your SEO strategy in the wake of the latest change to Google Places (in other words, the Google+ Local combo)? Learn more here.

8 Attributes of Content That Inspire Action
Leading potential customers to your content is only step one. Getting your visitors to perform an action is crucial to the success of any marketing initiative. Learn more here.

Behind the Scenes of 4 Hot Social Media Campaigns
These four brands below have certainly dominated their social media avenue of choice. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest, these brands have reached massive engagement with their creative and moving campaigns. Learn more here.

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