How to get more Tweets + more internet marketing links

How To Get More Tweets
Tweets that include brief messages (fewer than 100 characters) generate 17 percent more engagement than longer content; content with links yields 86 percent more Retweets than those without. Sharing articles and blog posts with concise headlines and links can help you boost conversions. Learn more here.

The Complete Guide to Creating Memes for Marketing
Memejacking (hijacking popular memes for your own benefit — in this case, for marketing purposes) can be a great way to create some fun, engaging content that shows off your brand’s personality and likeability. Learn more here.

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Why SEO?
We hear a lot about SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization), but not a lot about “why”. Ultimately, SEO is not just about optimizing websites and content for search engines – it’s also about understanding what is motivating your customers, and how they search online. Understanding the “why” of SEO can help get you more customers and increase your bottom line.

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How Fresh Content Can Actually Harm You
Even if you have a section of your site dedicated to what you think is “linkable content” there are still a couple of crucial ways even the most well-intentioned content can fall short. Learn more here.

– Nevin Thompson is a content strategist and copywriter with JumpStart Web, a Victoria internet marketing agency

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