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Usability vs. search engine optimization
Many people believe that SEO is simply optimizing a website for search engines. In reality, SEO is optimizing a website for people who use search engines.  Likewise, many people believe that website usability is simply making a website easy to use. Easy to use for whom? The developers? Website owners? Web searchers? SEO professionals? Check out the fundamental building blocks of web usability to help become more visible to search engines, and hopefully help get more customers. Read more here.

5 tactics to get more customers
Keeping the funnel full is a challenge facing every local business. In a hyper-competitive marketplace, the company that fills its funnel full of opportunities is the one that manages its lead generation strategies most effectively.

Most people rely on search engines to find local businesses
60% of adults say they get news and information about local businesses other than restaurants and bars. When they do,  47% say they rely most on the internet, including 36% on search engines, and  16% specialty websites. Read more here.

7 ways to use social media for instant feedback
Another use for social media: collecting critical feedback that advances your business objectives quickly. Here are some of the ways you can leverage social networks beyond your typical posts and updates. Read more here.

21 tactics to increase blog traffic
It’s easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic, and more traffic means – ideally – more customers. Here are 21 tactics that can help everyone from independent folks, to those seeking to monetize, and marketing professionals working an in-house blog from tiny startups to huge companies increase traffic: read more here.

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