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12 critical elements every homepage must have
In order for a homepage to work, it needs to meet its purpose and contain key elements that attract traffic, educate your visitors, and convert browsers into buyers – the typical internet marketing best practices. Here’s a neat infographic that explains the 12 critical elements every homepage must have.

3 keys to online retail in 2012: doing more with less
The American National Retail Federation released its numbers projecting US retail sales should rise 3.4 percent this year, down from an increase of 4.7 percent in 2011. According to some, this doesn’t mean 2012 will be a lost cause in the US; by focusing in three key areas – evaluation, improvement, and testing – retailers can not only survive, but grow their businesses in the coming year. Read more here. Bonus link: The Ecommerce Revolution Is All About You

How to increase clicks on your tweets
Using Twitter to build community and engage with customers can be a lot of work , and one of the most gratifying measures of social media success is when people are actually clicking on the links you send out via Twitter, either to interesting content you’ve found, or back to your site (where these visitors from Twitter can hopefully be converted into paying customers!).

YouTube: Use analytics to build an audience
In terms of volume, YouTube is the second largest search in the world, and is a great way to promote your business, become recognized as a trusted expert in your field, and generally build community. But there are few rules for businesses to actually use this powerful marketing channel effectively. Luckily, YouTube offers plenty of detailed advice, including how to use analytics to build an audience.

What is Pinterest? And why is it important for retailers?
Pinterest is a website that allows users to “pin” things online; users can follow friends on Pinterest and “repin” things that they have already pinned on your Pinterest boards or browse a live feed of items that are being pinned by strangers. And now Pinterest has becomes the top traffic driver for retailers (inforgraphic)

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