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Online Marketing Madness — Strategic Reads for April 2017

PlusROI regularly posts links to useful marketing resources and actionable strategies to help you grow your business. The April links are curated by Nevin Thompson (@NevinYYJ), Rian Bowden and Rob Cooper (@robertecooper).

The Single-Best SEO Tip to Increase Your Web Traffic

While we have all heard that “content is king,” according to one seasoned SEO hand, “Google only cares about your content inasmuch as it answers the user’s search query.”

Search results are not a collection of “good” content. Instead, it’s important to remember results are a ranked as a list of content that best satisfies what the user is looking for.

The tip here?

Focusing on user intent when creating content is a powerful way to increase the volume and quality of your web traffic.

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How to Write Meta Title Tags for SEO: the Good and the Bad

“What is a title tag? How do you write one? Why are title tags important? Do they actually help with search engine optimisation? Can I see some good and bad examples?”

These are some common questions about a title tags, those slightly technical but very important elements of a website any business owner should know about.

Luckily, there is a blog post that explains what meta tags are, why they are important, and provides examples of the right way and the wrong way to write them.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Website Speed Helps Your SEO and Your Sales

Did you know that search engines actually evaluate how “fast” your website is when determining where you show up in search results? But how can you increase how fast your business’ website loads? And what about mobile?

Happily, there is an infographic that explains in detail what we as site owners need to know and understand to stay ahead of their competitors when it comes to website speed.

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