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New Web Marketing Boot Camps Help Marketers and Entrepreneurs Grow Businesses Faster

[September 25, 2018] Marketers and entrepreneurs in Victoria will have the opportunity to learn the latest online skills and strategies this fall and winter, thanks to a series of boot camps designed and organized by Rob Cooper, an internationally respected Internet marketing veteran and President of PlusROI, a Google Premier Partner Agency.

“There is a shortage of marketing professionals who truly understand and can execute efficient online marketing campaigns, yet there is little in the way of practical training to learn these skills,” says Cooper. “This series of, full-day boot camps is intended for entrepreneurs building companies, marketing professionals seeking new skills, and anyone else who wants to apply the latest digital strategies to grow a business.”

The series of one-day online marketing boot camps will be offered in downtown Victoria during fall and winter, starting on October 5, 2018. Throughout the series, entire days will be focused on specific online marketing disciplines, such as search advertising (PPC), Facebook ads, Google display ads, search engine optimization (SEO) or how to build, configure and launch a basic WordPress website.

“The one-day boot camps are designed to shorten the learning curve by months. By the end of each session participants will learn the quickest and best way to launch actual campaigns in the different disciplines” says Cooper. “It can take years of costly trial-and-error for companies to develop this knowledge. These workshops give participants a big head start in creating their own campaigns, which they will do from start to finish during the sessions.”

Rob Cooper has spent nearly 20 years as a digital marketing pioneer, helping businesses all over the world implement efficient and effective online campaigns that reduce costs while increasing sales and profits. Cooper launched PlusROI, a digital marketing agency, in 2007. Since then, Rob has had the opportunity to speak all over the word on behalf of PlusROI and has watched PlusROI grow to become a Google Premier Partner Agency.

“With Facebook now at over 2 billion active users, a billion users on Instagram and 7 Google properties that boast over a billion users, customer audiences are more accessible than ever,” says Cooper. “However, how do marketers reach the right audiences? As the business landscape becomes more competitive, successful marketers must continuously focus on the efficiency of campaigns to boost profits, but there is little training to help them.”

“Victoria’s tech entrepreneurs needs these skills. This is focused training that increases productivity and competitiveness, helping businesses take advantage,” says Rob Bennett, COO and Program Director for VIATEC’s Accelerator Program. “For founders and entrepreneurs it is challenging to find up-to-date information about online strategies and tactics for quickly growing their venture. PlusROI’s bootcamps have shown to speed up this process and increase their chance of success.”

About Rob Cooper

Rob Cooper got his start in online marketing in 2001, when he pioneered email marketing campaigns with millions of subscribers at a consumer software company. By 2004, Cooper was leading a digital marketing team driving $12,000,000 in annual online sales. Cooper used his knowledge and insights about digital marketing to spend the next several years working with Canadian and US software companies. Next, Cooper launched PlusROI in 2007. Since then, PlusROI has become one of Canada’s foremost digital marketing agencies, being recognized as a Google Premier Partner Agency and being invited to join the new Facebook Pro Partner and Unbounce Ambassador programs.

Cooper also frequently develops and presents online marketing workshops, seminars and boot camps all over the world. He is a regular guest lecturer at UVic, RRU and Camosun College and has consulted on digital marketing curriculum for post-secondary institutions.

Learn More About Online Marketing Boot Camps

Overview of All Upcoming Web Marketing Training Boot Camps:


Google Search Ads Boot Camp – October 5th


Google Display Advertising Boot Camp – October 26th


Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp – November 2nd


Facebook Ads Boot Camp – December 7th


WordPress Website Boot Camp – January 11th


Web Marketing and Growth Hacking Boot Camp – January 24th & 25th (2 days)


For more information, contact:

Rob Cooper, Founder and Strategic Director

PlusROI Online Marketing



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