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Landing Page Checklist – What You Need to Succeed

If you’ve explored the science of profitable online advertising, you’ll certainly have come across the concept of using a landing page.

While a website’s home page needs to serve multiple different user needs, the goal of a landing page is to engage a visitor who clicks on your ad or promotion.

Because you know what keyword someone was searching on (Google Search ads) or the promotion that was advertised in a Display ad (Facebook ads, Google Display ads, etc), you know what your visitor is looking for when they arrive.

Simply put, a landing page is a focused custom page designed to get your visitor to take a specific action.

Here are 8 checklist items common to high-performing landing pages:

  • Limited Navigation (remove the leaks from the funnel)
  • Clear calls to action that can easily be undertaken
  • Benefit-driven copy
  • Presentation is short and to the point (visitor makes a quick decision to take action)
  • Pages are branded & professional
  • Social proof (testimonials, reviews) is presented
  • Credibility indicators (client logos, professional affiliations, user numbers, etc) are shown.
  • Lots of copy can be shared lower on the page, but the portion of the page showing without scrolling must be a complete experience (no scrolling required).

The need for all of these items changes related to the specifics of your company. For instance, well known brands don’t need to emphasize social proof and credibility indicators as much as less-known companies.

Here’s a great example of an effective landing page. You’ll see that it’s extremely focused and has a very straightforward call to action (“Try Smartsheet Free”):

Landing Page Checklist

Also, the page has some very persuasive credibility indicators showing up top (well known client logos & impressive user numbers) and client quotes/testimonials lower on the page.

You can see the full page at https://www.smartsheet.com/s/project-software

If you go visit the page you’ll want to pay attention to see if it’s changed from our screen shot above. This company is almost certainly doing a/b testing on this landing page so it likely changes from time to time as new lessons are learned about what’s working best for them.

Curious about improving your landing page or advertising performance? Contact us – we’d love to hear about your challenges and do some brainstorming with you (and there’s no charge for your first consultation!).

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