Social Media ROI – Growing and Showing Your Results [Social Media Camp 2015]

The following was the topic of our presentation at Social Media Camp 2015 plus download links!

Thanks to everyone who attended for the great energy and the great participation!

Do you face challenges demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of your Social Media efforts?

With tight budgets and an understandable focus on revenue in most organizations, this is a challenge that is not going away.

The good news is that it’s definitely surmountable and, in fact, can be turned into a strong point. In this presentation we’ll explore:

  • Where Social should be measured
  • How to compare Social to traditional activities like PR, print ads, radio and trade shows
  • Showing Social’s critical value as it compares and contributes to online advertising, email marketing, SEO and your entire content marketing mix
  • The transition between Social and sales
  • Actionably measuring, testing and improving your Social efforts.

Here’s download link for the slides.

Here’s the download link for the quick guide to solutions.

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