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How mobile content should differ from “desktop” content
In order to keep up with the competition and connect better with customers, more and more businesses are launching mobile sites. But  business should remember it’s important to do more than just reformat their “desktop” content from traditional websites for smaller screens. Here are a few tips on what to put on your mobile site that’s different than what is on your desktop site.

How to use social media to promote your small business
If you’re considering whether or not to implement a social media campaign to promote your small business, Forbes reports that “silence is no longer an option”, and provides a short introduction on how to use social media to promote your small businessBonus link: Why people don’t want to follow your business on Twitter or “like” you on Facebook Yet another bonus link: 4 point Twitter audit: becoming a more beloved B2B brand One more bonus link: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

How “social signals” can help your business’ search results
Social media not only helps engage  and participate in conversations with your customers – social media can also help your business show up better in search. Thanks to the Google “+1” button and other tools, people are increasingly discovering content not via internet search but through networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Content that is liked will feature higher in search results for individuals and their circle of friends and contacts. Bonus link: Facebook is giving users more options for sharing and managing their content

Eight myths about what LinkedIn can do for your career
LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals, can be a powerful tool for not only managing one’s career, but also for developing a network of contacts that can ultimately help your business. However, there are a lot  misguided notions people have gleaned about what LinkedIn can do for them.

(September 19, 2011)

– Nevin Thompson manages SEO-drive content campaigns for JumpStartWeb.

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