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Digital Marketing Must-Reads: September 2023

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

People Don’t Read Online—They Scan. This Is How to Write for Them

It’s important to know how to optimize online content for reader engagement in an era where users tend to skim rather than thoroughly read web articles. Rita Kind-Envy looks at different eye-scanning patterns and the best ways to structure your articles so you can get the most important information across.

Interested in knowing how to retain a reader’s attention? This informative article is for you!

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Website Redesign SEO Checklist: Retaining and Improving SEO

There are a lot of things that go into redesigning a website, how does SEO fit in? It’s important to incorporate SEO efforts from day one and Marcus Miller provides a comprehensive checklist so that you can stay on top of your SEO in his latest article.

Miller looks at ways you can find common SEO issues, SEO goals in a website redesign, and more!

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How Providing Video Transcripts Boosts Your SEO

Having videos on your website is a good was to improve your SEO, but you can go one step further! Adding transcripts to your videos not only makes your site more accessible, but it can also enhance visibility. Neil Patel goes over why transcripts are important for SEO, and different ways to add them to your videos.

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