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Why do keywords matter? And how do you choose them?
Doing SEO in Victoria BC, we get asked this question a lot. So… Keywords are basically search terms that people type into a search engine like Google to find out information, such as a local business or service. So, it’s important that your business’ website is optimized with the appropriate keywords so your customers can find you.  It’s possible to optimize pages to improve these “organic” (as opposed to “paid”) search results – not just rankings, but click-throughs and conversions, too.  Here are some tips. Bonus link: winning at local SEO with boatloads of data

4 tips for planning a successful PPC campaign
PPC or “pay-per-click” advertising is another important way to “drive” potential customers to  your business’ website. The most popular PPC platform is Google AdWords, and, while many people attempt to use AdWords to advertise their business, a single misstep can be costly and counterproductive. To help save you time and money, here are 4 pillars of a successful PPC campaign.

Top 5 tools to better time your Tweets
When exactly are your best times to tweet? With over 200 million tweets posted each day, this is a very important question to tackle. When you better time your tweets, you’re better able to reach your followers. Furthermore, knowing when they’re actually online is incredibly important. These tools can help you maximize your Twitter activities. Bonus link: Facebook comments now being indexed by Google.

– Nevin Thompson writes weekly blog updates about web marketing for local businesses, with a focus on SEO in Victoria BC.


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