7 content strategy tips that boost sales + more marketing links

Victoria BC Internet marketing agency7 content strategy tips to construct awesome product pages & boost sales

Want to learn how to use content to make a difference on the bottom line? In fact, content such a blog can divert users away from the buying cycle, as it is usually a separate section of the website without any calls to action or links to product pages. To avoid these pitfalls and increase sales, learn more here.

Isn’t email subject line length important?

Email markeing platform MailChimp argues that the length of the subject line in an email may not affect open rates, and they have some evidence to prove it. Learn more here.

Are Facebook clicks totally meaningless?

Marketers are focusing too much on clicks to measure the effectiveness of their Facebook campaigns, and not enough on two far more critical metrics — reach, and frequency. Learn more here.

Ten ways to get more customer feedback

Customer feedback is arguably one of the best ways you can grow and expand your products and services. Here are some ideas for getting feedback good and bad, and explains how it may be important in ways you just might not know. Learn more here.

If you want more customers, tell them what action to take

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of website visitors, increase leads or boost traffic, the most important element is a ‘call to action.’ Learn more here.

Nevin Thompson writes a regular blog posts about online marketing for JumpStart Web, an Internet marketing agency in Victoria BC.

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