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5 tips to help customers find your local business online
How do searchers go about their search for local businesses? Do most searchers use local modifiers (such as the name of your city or neighbourhood) or not? Do searchers expect to get local results for a generic, non-local search term? A panel of 1,250 “local consumers” based in the US may be able to provide some insights. For example, 59% of consumers use Google every month to locate a good local business. According to the panel, 71% of searchers value the information contained in Local Search results. And of these, 60% of searchers said that local listings with a photograph grab their attention more than standard listings. Here are 5 tips to optimize your local business listing and help customer find your business.

How can top brands measure success when marketing on Facebook?
Facebook and “social media marketing” in general have become incredibly popular marketing tools over the past few years, but how can businesses actually measure success? An independent online marketing consultancy has decided to take a stab at quantifying the previously unquantifyable by creating “key brand success factors”, including

  1. reach (number of followers, growth of followers)
  2. engagement (number of monthly posts, etc)
  3. reputation (are there also negative conversations taking place online about the brand?)
  4. technical attributes (somewhat like SEO)
Each of these attributes was given a weight (#1, reach, has a heavier weight than does #4, reputation). It’s an interesting approach to quantifying Facebook marketing, and you can read more here.
New Google  mobile search ad formats help businesses get ready for the holiday shopping
More and more consumers are using mobile phones – specifically smart phones such as iPhones and Android devices – to connect with local businesses, and Google of course is the leader in all things mobile. To get ready for the upcoming holiday season, Google has released a bunch of new Mobile Ads features including:
  • Click to Call
  • Hyperlocal search ads
  • Proximity as a factor in mobile search ads ranking
Other new Mobile features include:
  • Search ads in mobile apps
  • Click to Download
  • Mobile App Extensions
Mobile ads are a great way to connect your business with local customers. Read more here about how Google can help.
– Nevin Thompson compiles a weekly list of helpful online marketing links on behalf of JumpStartWeb, a Victoria online advertising agency.

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