Should your business create a mobile website and other useful marketing links

What businesses benefit most from creating mobile websites?
Thanks to the continued and sustained exploding growth in consumer adoption of tablets and smartphones, there is an uptick in “mobile first, desktop second” business strategies. Are there certain types of companies that can benefit more than others by retooling for mobile? Consumer-facing businesses stand to gain the most direct and immediately measurable benefits from going mobile.

Video boosts brand engagement, site visits
Users not only click on more ads with video or rich media, but also tend to visit brand sites long after seeing the associated ad.

What is “Content Curation”? And how can it help your marketing?
 Content curation is about collecting and grouping relevant information together in a cohesive and manageable package. Not only can it help bring visitors to your business’ website time and time again, these same visitors will be more inclined to share your website with others, which makes for great marketing. Read more here.

Insights and tips for marketers about how brands use Facebook Timeline
A new eye tracking study by SimpleUsability highlights a number of challenges and opportunities for businesses using Facebook as a marketing channel. The result is 5 Facebook timeline brand page user insights to help grow your business. Read more here.

How to use email to re-engage sleepy subscribers
What if there was something you could do to re-engage subscribers who actually are still interested in your company, but have just suffered a case of inbox overload? Learn why people disengage from email, and how to bring them back on board (and hopefully back to buying your products). Read more here.

Nevin Thompson works as a content strategist with JumpStartWeb, which has recently achieved a lot of success with mobile websites in Victoria.

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