Why did my website visitors suddenly drop off? Plus more online marketing links

victoria internet marketing“Why did our PageRank go down?”
A newspaper contacted Google after their “PageRank” (a value assigned by Google to websites that measures the relative importance of the site) had dropped from 7 to 3, wanting to know why. They genuinely didn’t seem know what the issue was, so Google provided an in-depth reply. Read more here.

Why did my website visitors suddenly drop off?
Sudden search traffic drop? 6 questions to help diagnose the cause. Read more here.

How to get more comments on your articles
Besides customer engagement, comments are great for SEO – with user generated comments, you’re able to get alternate queries (long-tail or otherwise) without having to shoehorn them into your on-page copy. How to get more comments on your articles? Read more here.

The key components of a user-friendly website navigation
navigation is often what stands between the user and the user’s goal. And as a business, you should want to make that distance as short as possible. Read more here.

Reach more customers with a welcome series email campaign
A welcome series is a series of email messages sent to welcome new users to your list and, more importantly, to turn these free subscribers into entities that achieve your business goals for them. Read more here.

Are you using Pinterest?
Pinterest send more referral traffic (visitors to your site that come from direct links on other websites rather than directly or from search engines) than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined in January, Twitter in February and StumbleUpon, Bing and Google Referral Traffic in June. While this loss in organic does not mean the death of search engines, it does mean that you should spread out your marketing efforts for your blog or website to include both SEO and social media. Read more here.



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