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10 mobile site best practices 
As smart phone adoption skyrockets, so do the amount of  searches from mobile devices for “local” businesses. So, it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure your business has a website optimized specifically for mobile browsers. Direct from Google itself, here are the top 10 mobile site best practices.

7 Tips for boosting Facebook Page search engine visibility
Facebook Pages for businesses are not only a great way to engage with a community of potential customers and potential brand advocates, they’re also a great way to help your business dominate the front page of Google search. However, just throwing up a Facebook pages for your business doesn’t necessarily mean that page will show up when people search for your business online. There’s a trick to it, so here are 7 tips for boosting Facebook Page search engine visibility.

6 best practices for small business YouTube marketing
YouTube is the second most-visited search engine in the world (after Google itself), and is a great way to promote your business.  However, creating compelling video content that works well on YouTube is definitely not the same as creating ads for television and other conventional visual mediums, so here are 6 tips for small business YouTube marketing, including: watch a lot of YouTube to recognize great ideas, and find your niche.

Google loves “fresh” content more than ever
If your company’s website features regularly updated, fresh, relevant content, Google may reward you with a better ranking in the search results, thanks to a change to its search algorithm last week. These changes may affect a staggering 35% of all searches. Current events (such as the Occupy Wall Street movement) get special notice from Google from now on, as do regularly recurring events (sports updates, conferences, etc) and also frequent updates (this may help businesses that post new product details). More here and here.

SEO beats social media for generating leads – experts
Is your business’ website optimized for search? At the end of the day, SEO (search engine optimization), rather than social media martketing or even PPC (Pay per click, or online advertising) ultimately generates more leads for businesses, according to a report compiled by a California online marketing agency after surveying 500 US online marketers in August and September. A majority of respondents in the survey said website traffic is the primary way they measure the success of online marketing efforts. Read more here.

– Nevin Thompson is JumpStartWeb’s content strategist, and is excited about mobile marketing Victoria opportunities.

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