Fun Work Project – Family Vacation Video Slideshow

One great thing about working with a software companies is that I get to use their products and call it “work.” muvee is a great company that we work with. With their software, you more or less just dump in some photos and videos, pick a style and music and hit “go.”

For me, despite my intentions to take the time to create fancy videos/slideshows, I never actually seem to get around to it. See below for a fun project I put together in minutes on the weekend as part of my “work” for them.

Another thing I like about this video is the technology at play. I left my SLR at home on this vacation, so the images and video you see are from my iPhone, a FlipCam and the GoPro that a friend brought along.

The muvee video is below and the vacation video slideshow is hosted on YouTube.

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