Video marketing: how to get more views for your YouTube videos

Video marketing: how to get more views for your YouTube videos
Use video marketing to get more customers by getting more visitors to your YouTube videos.

How to create compelling calls to action
Calls to action help generate leads (and paying customers) should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics: emails, social media updates, press releases, trade shows… Here are some good tips on how to create compelling calls to action.

Do you page titles encourage clicks?
Your page titles can deliver traffic to your site. Apparently, any good news or editorial writer may spend 80% of their time crafting the title (or “lead”) and then whatever time they have left on the body of the content. Here’s a short primer on the art and science of creating compelling page titles.

Is my site doomed because I won’t go social?
Some sites for some reasons do not want to get involved in adding social features to their site, such as adding rich snippets, authorship markup, Facebook and Twitter buttons and maybe more importantly to Google, Google+ buttons and profiles. Will a site suffer in the long term if they refuse to adapt to the new social space? This web forum has an interesting discussion on the subject.

5 rules to turn your local business into a ‘Social’ business
Make your business interesting enough, and people want to talk about it and share ‘stories’ of your business with their friends and colleagues. That’s the goal, but it can be difficult to achieve. Learn more about ‘Social PR’, how people, not newspapers or local radio stations, are now responsible for promoting and marketing your business.

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