Monday Marketing Madness | Victoria online marketing | Jan 9 2012

10 awesome online contests
Contest can be a great way to generate interest in and excitement for your business, but how to design and execute? Here are 10 awesome online contests that provide insights into effective techniques for building community. Bonus link: How to Create a Viral Sweepstakes With Social Media

6 Mobile Search Optimization Trends For 2012
The  the introduction of a smartphone Googlebot? Mobile Visual Search Optimization? Social Local Mobile Marketing? What do these terms mean and how will they affect your business in the coming year? Find out here by reading about 6 Mobile Search Optimization Trends For 2012.

5 Awesome Landing Page Lessons From Real Life Examples
“Landing pages” (specific webpages on your site visitors reach after searching for key terms; you always want visitors to complete a specific action on these landing pages such as clicking a link to buy something) can be difficult to design, which is a bit of a tragedy, since landing pages are used to create customers! Find out what works by reading about 5 Awesome Landing Page Lessons From Real Life Examples Bonus link: the psychology of SEO Yet another bonus link: Website usability checklist

10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait
Creating “link bait”, or online content that people love to share all over the internet, is great: your business’ website gets recognition and lots of traffic, and you’re also creating valuable content that actually solves problems (or perhaps simply makes people laugh). However, creating link bait isn’t easy. For some pointers, check out 10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait

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