Tourism Marketing: Three Ways to Immediately Boost Bookings
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Tourism Marketing: Three Ways to Immediately Boost Bookings

Bookings are the lifeblood of tourism-based businesses. However, capturing visitors’ interest can be super challenging (especially for smaller boutique hotels and excursions) when so many other companies and destinations compete for bookings, too – and some with significantly larger advertising budgets. The good news is that there are three things you can do right now to boost bookings and generate interest in your offerings before, during and after guests arrive.

Wield Personalized Email Marketing to Capture Last-Minute Bookings

Do you want to promote last-minute bookings, staycations, and loyalty offers to guests within close proximity? Check out this free guide to email marketing for hotels from MailChimp for more suggestions and ideas.

Targeting Visitors Before They Visit and After They Arrive

Curious about how best to reach travellers in a very practical way? Check out our webinar recap explaining how to do just that!

Embrace Social Media for Brand Awareness

Social media is an excellent way to build and reinforce your brand and relationships. In this Sprout Social post, you’ll find some great examples of how three brands are getting it right: “Social media and hospitality: How 3 brands are serving 5-star experiences.”

Do You Have Questions?

Do you want to boost bookings but aren’t sure where to focus your resources, or do you have questions about optimizing what you’re already doing? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us online today or click here to schedule a call with us.

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