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Six reasons why your business needs to curate content
In the online marketing space, curation is the activity of finding and sharing great content. There’s more information out there than any of us can handle and this presents both a problem and an opportunity for business and marketing communicators. The problem is that information overload can produce so much noise that we fail to detect clear signals. Here are some reasons why content curation makes sense strategically for your business. Read more here.

Bonus links:

7 Habits of Highly Effective SEO
While some businesses believe that SEO is a one-and-done affair, proper SEO efforts need to be worked on a regular basis to realize the types of gains that can deliver really solid, long-lasting and “optimized” (optimal) results. Borrowing from Steven Covey, here are 7 habits of highly effective SEO. Read more here.

Five Ways to Build Customer Trust
When your customers trust you, you can charge higher prices than your competitors do, offer a different feature set than your customers are looking for, and require a longer wait for delivery—and customers will still buy from you. Read more here.

Nevin Thompson “curates” a weekly collection of internet marketing links for JumpStartWeb, a Victoria online advertising agency.

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