8 Biggest Marketing Mistakes of All Time +more online marketing links

8 Biggest Marketing Mistakes of All Time
But what happens to companies that make mistakes on a grand scale and cost their company millions in clout or dollars? Learn more here.

Is Your Business Invisible?
Local businesses are often mystified as to why they don’t appear prominently in local search. Yet, when their online marketing is audited from a local SEO perspective it becomes clear that their lack of search optimization has effectively cloaked them — they’re invisible. Learn more here.

How Google Is Killing Organic Search
If you depend on product or brand keywords to drive traffic and you’ve focused almost solely on traditional SEO strategies to improve organic search results… understand that Google has made your life even harder. Why? Google has steadily introduced bigger, more targeted, and more engaging sponsored ad formats. Learn more here.

The Death Of SEO and the Rise of Social, PR + Real Content
Recently overheard on the Internet: Google is in the process of making the SEO industry obsolete, and SEO will be dead in 2 years. Now great content is king, and communities of avid followers make the king. Learn more here.

How To Write the Best PPC Ad Copy & Beat Your Competitors
Understanding what motivates people and attracts their attention is extremely important. Therefore, it’s important to create systems that allow you to create the best ad copy. While you can do this yourself by constantly split testing ad copy, it’s much easier to shortcut the process and “steal” from your competitors. Learn more here.

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