32 ways to get people to link to your website + more marketing links

32 ways to get people to link to your website

While many local businesses resort to a variety of desperate tactics to get other sites to link to them in order to improve search results, there are actually many “white hat” and reputable ways to build up your online presence. For example, if you’re a source of great content and you get it in front of the right people, they’re going to share your business’ website with others, and send customers your way. Read more here.

Do you have a mobile marketing strategy yet?
Analysts report that mobile devices such as iPhones and other smart phones, will overtake Local Search by 2015. This means that local businesses must be prepared with a mobile marketing strategy if they want to remain competitive.

Tips for leveraging social media in email marketing campaigns
Permission-based email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with existing customers, generating leads and making new sales. However, as we all know, due to social media the online landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years. Here are some tips about how to integrate social media with email marketing, in order to create powerful, integrated campaigns. Read more here.

How to measure your social media success
Social media can be very labor-intensive, which is a problem for local businesses needing to prioritize where they spend limited marketing budgets. While it can be difficult to immediately show results in social media marketing campaigns, it’s also difficult figuring out just what to measure.

Have your heard about AdWords’ new “local” features?
Local campaigns are a focus for many businesses–from finding directions to looking up a phone number, more people are going online to find local information. In fact, according to Google, more than 20% of searches on Google are related to location, and people often act quickly on local searches. Research shows that using smartphones, 88% of people who search for local information take action within a day. To help businesses with local ad campaigns this spring, Google is introducing three new features in AdWords to help create ads that are more relevant to local customers. Read more here.

Nevin Thompson works on content marketing campaigns for JumpStartWeb

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