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Digital Marketing Must-Reads: December 2023

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

What is Google Analytics? From Basic to Advanced Insights

Since you have found your way to our blog, chances are at some point you have heard of Google Analytics. If you aren’t in the industry however, you may not have had the chance to do a deep dive into Google Analytics and it can be intimidating at first, it has a lot going on!

This article written by Aaron Haynes goes over what Google Analytics is, and many of the different insights you can get from it. Not only that, but Haynes looks at key metrics, how Google Analytics works, why it is important, and much more!

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How Long Does it Really Take For SEO to Work?

Unlike PPC advertising that gets you results instantly, it can sometimes take a while to see the results of any SEO work you do. Neil Patel looks at reasons why SEO results take a while to see, as well as looking at the traits of some of the fastest growing sites.

Tips on keeping content up to date, why building a brand is important, and more are in this informative article from earlier this month.

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4 pillars of an effective SEO strategy

There are many things that go into SEO strategies. In this article, Marcus Miller goes over 4 different areas of SEO that most strategies will take into consideration: technical SEO, content, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.

Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot! Miller breaks down these 4 areas in a clear and concise way and gives you tips and tricks to help you work on all areas of your SEO strategy.

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