Kony 2012: lessons for video marketing and other links

Kony 2012: lessons for video marketers
Im just one week, KONY 2012 had been shared more than 7.6 million times on Facebook,  embedded in more than 6,200 blogs, and according to Google News, 4,950 news sources have written stories about the video campaign aimed at bringing a rogue African warlord to justice. The Kony 2012 campaign provides lessons for video marketers. Read more here.

Winning the Content Marketing race
This great article provides plenty of links, plus suggestions on how to prioritize content creation and content marketing in order to efficiently deliver customers to your website. Read more here.

10 tips for driving more mobile traffic from Facebook
50% of  Facebook’s traffic is driven by mobile devices – that’s about 5x more than the average website – which can mean great benefits for your business if you can get visitors to your Facebook page to travel to your site. Here are a few tips to optimize your Facebook to drive more likes, friends, reach, and engagement with mobile users  Read more here.

9 excellent examples of brands using Facebook’s new page design
If your business has a Facebook page, you should know that you have until March 30th to play with the design before your page is forced live. Take a look at how these brands are making use of the new Facebook page design, and use it as inspiration to get your own page up to date. Read more here.

Understand “personas” to sell more
Personas have been used in marketing and advertising for years and are the foundation of any user-centered marketing plan.  PPC advertisers have a lot to gain by completing the persona exercise and leveraging that information when managing and creating new search marketing campaigns. Learn more here.

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