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Your Checklist for Optimizing Your Service Pages for Search

Once you’ve created a great service page, it’s critical that people (and Search Engines) can actually find the page.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO can be extremely complex, but in this case it’s pretty simple. We just want to make sure that your page is organized in a way that Google can find it.

The most critical elements for this include:

  • Prominent links from the rest of your site, so Google knows it’s an important page on your site. Ideally you’ll want links to your most important service pages from:
    • Your main menu
    • Your services summary page
    • Your home page. You should have your most important services linked from your home page, ideally as close to the top of the page as is practical
    • Related service pages, as appropriate.
  • Links from any off-site locations you can get. Doing a short post about a service on your Google Business Profile and linking to the service is one option
  • Making sure your overall site is loading quickly
  • Making sure the images on your service page are properly sized and compressed
  • Having an H1 header including the service name (keyword) as your main headline
  • Using H2 headers for sub-headings, if you have any, leveraging keywords in them if they are appropriate for your messaging.
  • Having a compelling meta title tag that includes your service name (keyword) – remember to keep it short so it doesn’t get cut off.
  • Having a compelling meta page description (of appropriate length) to help improve your clickthrough rates when you show up on Search
  • Having adequate descriptive text on the page (ideally 300 words or so)
  • Using alt tags on prominent images.

If you haven’t already read them, check out our posts on Why Service Pages Are Critically Important and How to Create a Great Service Page.

Questions? Feel free to reach out through our Contact page. We are happy to answer quick questions and have great packages for doing this kind of work for you if you’re looking for help.

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