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Web Marketing Fundamentals Series

Confused and perplexed by the Web Marketing industry? So are we!

Businesspeople looking for marketing support on the web must navigate their way through:

  • High pressure sales for web services.
  • Search technologies which change weekly.
  • Web technology platforms that may or may not be right for your business.
  • An unregulated industry with some vendors offering worthless (or even damaging) services.
  • Millions of pages of marketing-related posts with no clear way of identifying the good stuff.

At PlusROI we believe the best way to improve our industry and help differentiate responsible vendors is to educate the market.

Companies who are educated about web marketing are able to make better decisions and, ultimately, get better results.

The good news is that despite the technologies involved, making smart decisions about web marketing is more about common sense than about technology.

With this in mind, we’re launching the Web Marketing Fundamentals Series.

On a weekly basis, we’ll add a educational post created to inform and empower you. Starting with some of the basics, we’ll work our way though to some more advanced concepts and keep adding as we go.

Our goal is that:

  • People wanting to “do it themselves” will find inspiration and direction that helps them in their learning process.
  • People wanting to get support with their web marketing can learn about the different marketing channels and make smart decisions.

Of course, we also hope that if you like the information we share you might consider us the next time you need a new website or need some help with your marketing!

If you’ve got feedback or have topics you want to see addressed, please send us a note through our contact form.


The first post in our series is on different kinds of websites and Achievable Goals for Your Site>>

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