Roxio Photoshow Upsell Optimization – Success Strategies


Shortly before Photoshow’s acquisition by Hallmark, we were asked to decrease the 42% abandonment rate on the upsell page which appeared after clicking on the “buy now” button on the product page.



Conduct A/B testing of various upsell product descriptions in order to improve conversion rate, as well as test the premise that the premium upsell was adding to revenues.



By implementing more descriptive messaging of the premium upell, we were able to reduce the 42% abandonment rate to 36% in our A/B tests. Better yet, we discovered that removing the upsell page entirely was an even better approach. While average order value went down slightly, the overall conversion rate increased enough to result in more net income. Plus, with the customers having been captured, our recommendation was to engage in a limited time post-purchase upsell promotion in the purchase confirmation

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