Get to Know the Team: Meet Carmen

As JumpStart Web’s long-time operations manager and one of PlusROI’s valued Google Ads managers, we would be remiss not to have Carmen as the next feature in our ongoing “PlusROI team” blog series!

Today, learn more about Carmen’s role here at PlusROI, the hands-on work she does with our clients, and how, overall, she’s the grease that keeps our wheels running smoothly when it comes to giving clients results they love.

Thanks for taking time out for this interview, Carmen! How long have you been a member of the PlusROI and JumpStart Web teams now?

That’s a good question! I’ve been a member of the teams since 2017.

For those who may not have had the pleasure of working with you yet, please share a bit more about your roles and what inspired you to take on primarily organization-oriented duties within the PlusROI and JumpStart Web teams.

I’m known as the operations manager for PlusROI’s JumpStart Web. In a nutshell, I manage the accounts and operations for the JumpStart Web division. I specialize mainly in Google Ads management.

As for what inspired me to take on these roles? Well, I do like things in their place! Both my roles have me keep things orderly for both team members and clients.

What would you say that you enjoy the most about your roles?

What I enjoy most has to be learning about the different industries that we work with. The fact that I’m involved in lawyer’s accounts, dental accounts, auto dealership accounts… learning all these new things about these industries is so rewarding.

I also enjoy the satisfaction of bringing a process together and turning several haphazard tasks into a working procedure that can be applied company-wide!

PlusROI has built its reputation on tangible results. How would you describe the team’s process for delivering on these results for their clients?

I like working for PlusROI and JumpStart Web specifically because they’re not one of those companies where they make crazy promises that they can’t keep, or that clients can’t see the results of. We deliver tangible results to our clients, like increased phone calls to their business, lead forms, and online purchases. We also try and try to take the mystery and complication out of digital marketing and the results as we present their data in simple and easy to digest reports. 

I also like that we don’t lock people into long unreasonable contracts, which means clients can be confident that we are doing everything we can to get the results that they want to see so they stay engaged with us for their Ads Management, rather than just “setting and forgetting” their ads! 

Essentially, it’s all about the honesty that PlusROI operates within vs. the huge claims that other companies often can’t follow through on. It’s definitely rewarding when clients are seeing the results they want, like when they go from never getting any calls to all of a sudden being too busy!

In your own words, how would you describe the importance of operations management and how it plays not only into your other role of Google Ads management, but the team’s workflow and deliverables output in general?

Operations management is definitely becoming more and more crucial as “the machine” of PlusROI and JumpStart Web grows!

In the first couple years when I started at JumpStart Web, I was just doing regular account management… but as the team has grown, operations management has become crucial so that we can standardized results for clients and a firm overall business model that we can internally work off of.

To round this interview off, what’s a fun fact that clients (and maybe even other team members!) may be surprised to learn about you?

A fun fact that people may be surprised to learn about me is probably that I’m part of a dance studio that, pre-pandemic, performed at events in and around Victoria.

I actually performed at the VIATEC Awards in 2019 with my dance team… and PlusROI attended! The team were like, “Will you be there?” And I said, “Yes… but I’ll be backstage, because I’ll be performing in a sparkly outfit!” It was so funny. They were so surprised. 

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