10 ways to destroy an email campaign + more marketing links

email marketing blog10 Things That Can Destroy an Email Marketing Campaign

Here are 10 ways to alienate customers and destroy an email marketing campaign – read more here.

The 6 Top Mobile SEO Must-Knows

Similar to traditional desktop sites, mobile sites, too, need to be optimized properly to perform to their full potential. Here are 6 “musts” for every business. Read more here.

5 Facebook Marketing Resources You Didn’t Know About

42% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business. That percentage has gone up 75% from where it was just a few years ago.  Here are five pages and resources worth exploring if you are looking to drive traffic and sales through Facebook. Bonus link: 7 Targeted Social Networks Niche Marketers Should Try

How to Convert Casual Blog Visitors Into Dedicated Subscribers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your blogging to the next level, scaling the impact of your blog so it makes an even bigger, better, and more powerful dent in your marketing results? Enter the concept of ‘blog marketing,’ which refers to implementing a marketing strategy to grow and scale the impact of your blog. Read more here.

Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter

The signals used by Google are numerous and fluid. With over 200 signals used to rank a website, it’s about balance. Chase one signal (like that little green bar denoting PageRank) and you’ll never have a balanced SEO strategy that will withstand the test of time. Read more here.

How To Achieve SEO Success

There are several themes that continuously pop up around SEOs who are consistently able to achieve success in natural, non-paid search. Learn more here. JumpStart Web provides ROI-driven, measured strategies (including email marketing) for Tourism, Real Estate Development and Professional Services.  

7 content strategy tips that boost sales + more marketing links

Victoria BC Internet marketing agency7 content strategy tips to construct awesome product pages & boost sales

Want to learn how to use content to make a difference on the bottom line? In fact, content such a blog can divert users away from the buying cycle, as it is usually a separate section of the website without any calls to action or links to product pages. To avoid these pitfalls and increase sales, learn more here.

Isn’t email subject line length important?

Email markeing platform MailChimp argues that the length of the subject line in an email may not affect open rates, and they have some evidence to prove it. Learn more here.

Are Facebook clicks totally meaningless?

Marketers are focusing too much on clicks to measure the effectiveness of their Facebook campaigns, and not enough on two far more critical metrics — reach, and frequency. Learn more here.

Ten ways to get more customer feedback

Customer feedback is arguably one of the best ways you can grow and expand your products and services. Here are some ideas for getting feedback good and bad, and explains how it may be important in ways you just might not know. Learn more here.

If you want more customers, tell them what action to take

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of website visitors, increase leads or boost traffic, the most important element is a ‘call to action.’ Learn more here. Nevin Thompson writes a regular blog posts about online marketing for JumpStart Web, an Internet marketing agency in Victoria BC.

How to include product mentions in your marketing + more online links

content marketing blog

How to appropriately include product mentions in your marketing

These days, providing useful and relevant copy for customers has become a major marketing tactic, but where does marketing one’s own product fit in? Learn more here.

Why fresh content may not be good for your site

Matt Cutts, who leads development on Google’s search engine algorithm, recently revealed that Google’s algorithms can decipher the sites that don’t necessarily need to post new content up-to-the-minute – it may not be necessary to continually post “fresh content. Learn more here.

How to market to last-minute shoppers

A report from eMarketer suggests that LinkedIn, with 6.8 million US small businesses maintaining a presence, has become an ideal addition to social media marketing strategies for smaller companies. Learn more here. Apparently  21 percent of shoppers will wait until December to even start their holiday shopping – procrastinators why they wait until the last minute to grab their gifts. Understanding these behaviors can help you shape the content, tone, and timing of your holiday promotions to this group of shoppers. Learn more about how to speak to this group of shoppers.

How to get links when your goal isn’t to get links

Getting other sites to link to your website continues to be one of the most important factors in search engine rankings. But it’s tough getting links, especially when your goal is getting links. Instead, it may pay to shift your focus to helping others, in hope they will link to you. Learn more here. Bonus link: What kind of content gets links in 2012? Nevin Thompson works as a content strategist with JumpStart Web, a Victoria online marketing agency

Why did my website visitors suddenly drop off? Plus more online marketing links

victoria internet marketing“Why did our PageRank go down?” A newspaper contacted Google after their “PageRank” (a value assigned by Google to websites that measures the relative importance of the site) had dropped from 7 to 3, wanting to know why. They genuinely didn’t seem know what the issue was, so Google provided an in-depth reply. Read more here. Why did my website visitors suddenly drop off? Sudden search traffic drop? 6 questions to help diagnose the cause. Read more here. How to get more comments on your articles Besides customer engagement, comments are great for SEO – with user generated comments, you’re able to get alternate queries (long-tail or otherwise) without having to shoehorn them into your on-page copy. How to get more comments on your articles? Read more here. The key components of a user-friendly website navigation navigation is often what stands between the user and the user’s goal. And as a business, you should want to make that distance as short as possible. Read more here. Reach more customers with a welcome series email campaign A welcome series is a series of email messages sent to welcome new users to your list and, more importantly, to turn these free subscribers into entities that achieve your business goals for them. Read more here. Are you using Pinterest? Pinterest send more referral traffic (visitors to your site that come from direct links on other websites rather than directly or from search engines) than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined in January, Twitter in February and StumbleUpon, Bing and Google Referral Traffic in June. While this loss in organic does not mean the death of search engines, it does mean that you should spread out your marketing efforts for your blog or website to include both SEO and social media. Read more here. If you like this post, you may also enjoy one of our more popular blog entries, The 8 Biggest Marketing Mistakes of All Time   

How to get more Twitter followers when you’re not famous

How to get more Twitter followers when you’re not famous 11 Social Media Automation Mistakes to Avoid  Social media automation can be done right. Just avoid the following 11 awful social media automation mistakes, and you’ll be good to go. Read more here 2012 Holiday Marketing Tips for Retailers It might only be July, but it’s already time for retailers and marketing teams to start planning their holiday promotional campaign calendars. Preparing marketing initiatives that resonate with your shoppers can feel a little overwhelming.  Get some tips and tricks to manage this process – read more here. 5 Ways to Measure Online Marketing Here are five metrics that can help a digital marketer take new shifts in online marketing into consideration and better handle their daily bid management routine. Read more here. 88 Content Creation Ideas for Blog Posts, Images, or Videos Coming up with new ideas for engaging, high quality content on a regular basis isn’t easy. Fresh content not only helps with your search engine optimization strategy; it shows your social following you are active and engaged in your industry and local community. It’s also a great opportunity to provide new and helpful information to current and potential customers. Read more here. Nevin Thompson works as a copywriter and compiles a weekly list of marketing links for JumpStartWeb, a Victoria online marketing agency. Natalie Kim is a comedic actress, writer and cartoonist who who publishes a weekly vlog to talk about random things and share her weird sense of humor.

How to get more Tweets + more internet marketing links

victoria internet marketingHow To Get More Tweets Tweets that include brief messages (fewer than 100 characters) generate 17 percent more engagement than longer content; content with links yields 86 percent more Retweets than those without. Sharing articles and blog posts with concise headlines and links can help you boost conversions. Learn more here. The Complete Guide to Creating Memes for Marketing Memejacking (hijacking popular memes for your own benefit — in this case, for marketing purposes) can be a great way to create some fun, engaging content that shows off your brand’s personality and likeability. Learn more here. Bonus link: Check out these 10 memes masquerading as marketing campaigns Why SEO? We hear a lot about SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization), but not a lot about “why”. Ultimately, SEO is not just about optimizing websites and content for search engines – it’s also about understanding what is motivating your customers, and how they search online. Understanding the “why” of SEO can help get you more customers and increase your bottom line. Learn more here. Bonus link:   5 Ways To Measure SEO How Fresh Content Can Actually Harm You Even if you have a section of your site dedicated to what you think is “linkable content” there are still a couple of crucial ways even the most well-intentioned content can fall short. Learn more here. - Nevin Thompson is a content strategist and copywriter with JumpStart Web, a Victoria internet marketing agency

3 common landing page flops + more online marketing links

Internet marketing Victoria3 Common Landing Page Flops To Avoid Are your landing pages doing what they are supposed to do? If you’re a business selling a product or service, you need to make sure every page of your website is ultimately prompting your visitors to perform a desired action. This will increase leads, and, ultimately, sales. However many, many businesses make many, many mistakes with their landing pages. Learn more here. Google: Fantastic Web Sites Not Enough To Rank Well According to a Google employee, having a fantastic web site is great but it isn’t enough for Google to confirm that your content should rank well. What will help you rank better in Search? Learn more here. SEO Tips for Local Businesses Want some advice about how to adjust your SEO strategy in the wake of the latest change to Google Places (in other words, the Google+ Local combo)? Learn more here. 8 Attributes of Content That Inspire Action Leading potential customers to your content is only step one. Getting your visitors to perform an action is crucial to the success of any marketing initiative. Learn more here. Behind the Scenes of 4 Hot Social Media Campaigns These four brands below have certainly dominated their social media avenue of choice. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest, these brands have reached massive engagement with their creative and moving campaigns. Learn more here. Nevin Thompson compiles a weekly list of useful marketing links on behalf of JumpStart Web, a Victoria internet marketing agency.

Why You’re Doing Twitter All Wrong + more online marketing links

Make sure your landing pages make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for

Do your landing pages make it easy for your visitors to become customers?

Why Your Business Is Doing Twitter Wrong By making three relatively simple implementation tweaks you can create more engaging tweets, improve tracking, provide better exposure for your Twitter username and increase the number of your followers (and potentially your customers). Read more here.
The 5 Most Common Adwords Mistakes Google AdWords is a perfect place for you to get traffic. You only pay for the clicks you really get. It sounds amazing – and it can be amazing. But it can also be a lot of wasted money if you don’t do it right. Read more here. Bonus links: Identify And Fix Your Worst Landing Pages (And Retain More Customers) What are the expectations of the user when they come from a referring site or search term? Can you give them what they expect when they hit your site? If not, they’re probably going to bounce – qualified customers may never buy your product or service. Read more here. Bonus link: Website Optimization Basics How Much Does Google Pay Attention To Social Media Marketing? How much does Google really pay attention to social media links and activity when determing where your business shows up in Search?  Read more here. Bonus links: 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is No Buzzword What is content marketing? Is it just another fad that will be replaced by a new fad next week? And how can it help your business achieve better marketing results with less effort? Read more here.  Bonus link: Content Marketing Manifesto Nevin Thompson compiles a weekly list of helpful marketing links for JumpStart Web, a Victoria internet marketing agency.  

Updated for 2012: Beginner’s Guide to SEO + more marketing links

Updated for 2012: The Beginner’s Guide to SEO Thanks to ever-changing search algorithms, local businesses always have to re-learn strategies and best practices to make sure their website is set up for winning results. To keep it easy and make sure you continue to connect with customers, here’s a beginner’s guide to SEO, updated for 2012. Read more here Bonus SEO link: 3 Hard Lessons to Learn From Penguin: Be Relevant, Be Balanced, Keep it Real 7 Reasons Content Marketing is Better Than Link Building Content marketing and link building both have their merits in the realm of search marketing. However, the tale of the tape reveals that content marketing has a distinct advantage over link building for marketers. Here are seven reasons why. Read more here
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Find out why readers lose interest in your email marketing

Why readers lose interest in your email marketing [Infographic] The enthusiasm your email subscribers once felt can dwindle. And sometimes, no matter how amazing your email marketing is, some recipients will stop clicking, stop opening, and eventually unsubscribe. Learn more here Bonus links: 8 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns 10 tips for writing a winning press release Many well-written, newsworthy releases are now published more or less in their original form online. So, it’s worth thinking about news distribution channels when crafting your latest release as well as the media you are targeting. Here are 10 tips for writing a winning press release. Read more here Nevin Thompson is a content strategist with JumpStart Web, which provides SEO strategies in Victoria BC.

25+ tools for real-time marketing, changes to email marketing + other marketing links

email marketing Victoria25+ tools for real-time marketing Real-time marketing—the ability to monitor, manage and guide your marketing efforts as they occur — is one of the most important areas of marketing today. Here are 25 tools that allow you to monitor and evaluate your efforts so you can make quick changes and maximize your marketing ROI. Read more here In-depth guide to content marketing How can you make creating high quality, shareable content easier? What processes can you follow to minimise the time you spend researching and thinking and maximise the time you spend creating and sharing your content? Read more here How to use online forums to connect with global audiences Everyone talks about using Facebook as an essential marketing tool, but for Rayne Longboards, a Vancouver-based manufacturer of downhill skateboards, using this social media platform in its year-end sale was leading toward a major wipeout. Rayne turned to online forums to increase sales instead. Read more here 13 things to check before hitting ‘send’ on your next marketing email To avoid email marketing embarrassment — and the poor results that accompany it — print out this checklist, pin it to your wall, and consult it every time you’re reviewing an email test send.  Read more here Bonus email marketing links: For more Facebook clicks, stop posting about your brand If you are a business using Facebook as a tool to engage with customers, for more results post on topics related to, but not about, your brand. Read more here Nevin Thompson works on email marketing campaigns with Victoria-based PlusROI and JumpStart Web.