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How to appropriately include product mentions in your marketing

These days, providing useful and relevant copy for customers has become a major marketing tactic, but where does marketing one’s own product fit in? Learn more here.

Why fresh content may not be good for your site

Matt Cutts, who leads development on Google’s search engine algorithm, recently revealed that Google’s algorithms can decipher the sites that don’t necessarily need to post new content up-to-the-minute – it may not be necessary to continually post “fresh content. Learn more here.

How to market to last-minute shoppers

A report from eMarketer suggests that LinkedIn, with 6.8 million US small businesses maintaining a presence, has become an ideal addition to social media marketing strategies for smaller companies. Learn more here.

Apparently  21 percent of shoppers will wait until December to even start their holiday shopping – procrastinators why they wait until the last minute to grab their gifts. Understanding these behaviors can help you shape the content, tone, and timing of your holiday promotions to this group of shoppers.

Learn more about how to speak to this group of shoppers.

How to get links when your goal isn’t to get links

Getting other sites to link to your website continues to be one of the most important factors in search engine rankings. But it’s tough getting links, especially when your goal is getting links. Instead, it may pay to shift your focus to helping others, in hope they will link to you. Learn more here.

Bonus link: What kind of content gets links in 2012?

Nevin Thompson works as a content strategist with JumpStart Web, a Victoria online marketing agency

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