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Marketing Madness – Top Posts for August 2015

This is part of a regular series of PlusROI posts that provide a collection of links to useful marketing resources and actionable strategies to help you grow your business. Curated by Nevin Thompson (@NevinYYJ) and Rob Cooper (@robertecooper). Featured image is from this comic strip.

Google Has Just Changed How Some Local Businesses Show Up In Search Results

Writing for SEM Post, Victoria BC web marketer Jennifer Slegg gives a detailed report on big changes happening in the local space for Google local business listings. For example, fewer businesses show up pinned to the map and exact addresses have been removed.

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How Google Plus May Become More Relevant for Marketing Your Business

While Google Plus has been described as a “failure” by many pundits, thanks to Google Plus Business Pages Google’s social network is still incredibly important to local businesses.

Over the course of a long, well-written article, well-known Google Plus cheerleader and online marketing guru Mark Traphagen explains in great detail the recent and sometimes confusing changes to Google Plus. He also provides some suggestions about how marketers can effectively leverage the “new” Google Plus to help their businesses grow.

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4 Businesses That Are Doing Content Marketing Like a Boss (and How You Can Do It Too)

You may be in a niche industry that is tiny, unsexy, and downright boring. You may have zero in-house talent and no budget.

So, the question is, can you still do content marketing like a boss? The answer of course is “yes.” Here are four businesses that will show you how it can be done.

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How Much Does Click-Through Rate Matter to Where You Show Up In Search?

Although Google won’t confirm it, it’s widely believed that the Google Search algorithm considers whether people are clicking on your link or not (i.e., the “click-through rate”, or CTR) when assigning search rankings.

To find out if CTR does affect your search ranking, two highly motivated online marketers conducted an awesomely detailed experiment.

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How to Write Amazing, Clickable Headlines Using Data-Proven Techniques [INFOGRAPHIC]

What drives people to click on headlines? Including a bracketed clarification like [Infographic] will increase your click through rate by 38%. Including the word “photo” will increase your CTR by 37%. The word “who” in a headline will increase CTR by 22%.

What words should you avoid?

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