Lead Generation for Real Estate Development – Strategic Solution


A 100+ unit real estate development in Victoria BC had been using radio ads extensively but were getting very little traffic or leads from their website (15-30 visitors per day to the website). This was despite the fact that the main call to action in their ads were to visit the website!


Seeing their desire for near term traffic and results, we focussed on a very targeted “Pay Per Click” Search advertising campaign, combined with an information package that visitors signed up for. Ads were targeted at folks who were searching for their type of property, neighbourhood and price range.

Tracking was put in place in order that we could tie information package signups directly to the search keyword which had triggered the ads in the first place, which allowed for extensive performance optimization.


With an advertising spend less than half of what was being spent on radio, we quickly generated a 600%+ increase in web traffic and immediately started generating signups for their information package. The successful results lead to additional banner advertising and highly targeted social media advertising.

Interestingly, in working with this company for approximately 2 years, we found that there was value to their radio ads. Cost per online acquisition through advertising actually went up and down according to whether they were getting radio support at any given time. Our assessment was that radio was doing a great job building awareness for them but was NOT effective in driving follow-up and visits to the website.

Note: For confidentiality and competitive reasons, this Strategic Solution has been anonymized.

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