Automatic QR Codes – Another Reason I Love

In a presentation last night at the Vancouver Island Tech Park I waxed rhapsodic about and harped on the importance of tracking.

After uploading my presentation deck to SlideShare (which I used today for the first time and is a great service too), I created a link of the SlideShare presentation link so I could track the number of clicks on the link.

I hate to admit this, but after sending the link out to attendees, I found myself repeatedly clicking the refresh button in Chrome and was delighted to see the number keep going up each time.

Wanting to dig a little deeper I clicked into the “info page” for the link, and noticed a QR code for the link right there on the page.

I had seen the QR code there before, but had never actually given it any thought. This time, however, I took a moment to hold my iPhone up to my screen and scan it with my QR code reader. Lo and behold, not only did it go straight to the page with my presentation, but the presentation actually rendered very well and looks great on my iPhone.

It still amazes me the functionality that is delivered through FREE apps and sites these days. QR codes within seconds plus automatic tracking of QR scans of the code – seems to good to be true!

If you haven’t already, you should explore both services yourself:


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