DIY SEO: Creating & Implementing Your Keyword Strategy

Would you build a 3-story house on a foundation of soft dirt?

It sounds like a crazy idea, but this is how many companies approach their Search Engine Optimization.

Even professional SEO firms are guilty of skipping over the creation of keyword strategy and getting right to the “building” phase of SEO.

In this practical webinar we’ll walk through the process of:

  • Identifying your keyword topics
  • Assessing your competitive position
  • Creating a competitive strategy
  • Assigning keywords to pages & drafting meta information
  • Implementing keywords on your site

Participants will be shown the tools and given the insights to create a winning keyword strategy.

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Join us on April 30, 2020 for the newest version of our Keyword Strategy Webinar (INTERNAL NOTE: I’LL BE LINKING THIS TO THE ZOOM SIGNUP AFTER THIS DRAFT PAGE IS BUILT)

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