SEO Training Modules

PlusROI is pleased to offer SEO training and has created a number of high value training modules

Clients can complete these modules on a monthly basis or may pick a schedule that suits their needs. Clients are also free to pick and choose from the modules (although the Kickoff Module is critical for success with any of the others).

Kickoff Module: Intro & Keyword Research


  • Advance preparation including introductory discussion and PlusROI research.
  • 1 hour in-person or Skype meeting.
  • Email support prior to follow-up.
  • Half hour follow-up call to review your work.
  • Resources including blank SEO Matrix template for use during the module and a quick PDF guide to implementing the results on your website.

Other SEO modules include:

  • Best practices for website setup (for those haven’t launched a site). 
  • Optimizing your site’s pages & content.
  • Setting up and using G+.
  • Blogging strategy and best practices (including basic blog SEO and Google Authorship).
  • Social Media Strategies: Leveraging Social Media to support your SEO goals.
  • Additional modules available by request.

Price per module: $250 + GST (paid in advance).

These modules have been crafted so they are high value and can be delivered very efficiently. Additional or custom training is available at a rate of $100/hour.

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