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Need a web application firewall? Check out Profense from Armorlogic

web application firewallWe’re lucky to work with a number of clients in a variety of industries, in this case Armorlogic, an internet security company that offers something called a web application firewall. A web application firewall, or WAF, is used as a security device protecting the web server from internet threats. Armorlogic’s WAF is noted for providing cost effective and easily implementable web security and protection for web sites and web applications. Profense also provides web application security protection against the OWASP Top Ten critical risks.

Armorlogic has recently reached a milestone: its Profense web application firewall now handles a practically unlimited number of concurrent users and processes in excess of 32,000 https requests per second when installed on entry-level Dell servers. This is great news for a couple of reasons. For one thing, Profense is handling all of these requests virtually – it’s a software program, so this volume of “traffic” is actually pretty challenging to accomplish. Kudos for Armorlogic. Additionally, it’s all being handled on a Dell server. This helps bring down the cost considerably for businesses, and Armorlogic has been able to accomplish this by partnering with Dell.

While web application firewalls in the past have been tied to expensive proprietary hardware, Profense is instead an easy to use, easy to install “soft appliance” that runs on any common server and virtual platforms like VMWare. This independence from hardware leads to easier redundancy and more flexibility around multi-node setup.” While web application firewalls provide advanced website and web application security, scalability, high concurrency and high availability are also important attributes for a WAF as they ensure user access and an enhanced experience for websites and web applications.

Working with PlusROI (JumpStartWeb’s parent company) Armorlogic has recently decided to fine-tune its online marketing efforts, so we’re excited to help out!